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Employee badges help create a secure environment, streamline business processes and improve the efficiency of your organization.

Employee badges help you control access and provide enhanced security to your business and employees. Printing plastic cards on-site allows you to issue business ID badges to new hires and visitors immediately. But when it comes to choosing the right ID badge printer, the options can be overwhelming. With Datacard, you know you’re getting reliable card printers, high-quality supplies, easy-to-use software and responsive global services.


The best value in school ID card systems to protect your students, staff and budget.

Schools, colleges and universities utilize student identification cards to foster a safe learning environment, often combining access control, identification and transactional applications into one card for flexibility and convenience. Datacard® school ID systems make it easy and affordable to integrate new ID card technologies that make campus life more efficient for everyone.


Create Anytime-Anywhere Experiences | In Branch, At Home, On the Go

Banks, retailers and other consumer marketers are looking for ways to engage consumers, build their brands and expand market share. Designed to drive innovation, our debit and credit card issuance solutions deliver robust end-user experiences that drive loyalty, trust and profitability. Our trusted portfolio of central and instant issuance systems and transaction authentication solutions can be configured to create powerful omni-channel experiences that meet the demands of today’s consumer in branches, at home and on the go.


Datacard has provided government identification solutions for over 350 projects in more than 95 countries.

Datacard collaborates with government agencies and integrators worldwide to solve complex identity card issues. Our secure identity solutions—which include best-in-class personalization, identity management software, secure supplies and support—deliver exceptional security and fraud prevention for government ID card programs that involve national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, secure IDs, healthcare IDs, e-government applications and electronic polling management. Our expertise ensures optimal efficiency and greatly reduces implementation risk. We have deployed solutions in over 350 programs in more than 95 countries.


Powerful card printing capabilities to help you increase security and grow patient loyalty.

Healthcare ID cards can help you reduce costs and build patient loyalty by enabling personalized member services and safe, convenient access to hospitals and clinics. Whatever your healthcare card program entails, Datacard providers can work with you to identify and build the right solution to meet your needs. They positioned around the world to support you from initial system design through installation and testing, training and technical support.

Loyalty and Membership

Captivate customers and build strong relationships by printing custom membership and loyalty cards.

Effective customer loyalty and membership card programs convert first-time visitors into full-time advocates. They strengthen relationships, track valuable data and create powerful brands.


Captivate customers and stand out from the competition with creative retail card programs and distinctive mailings.

Consumers today expect personalized products and services. Marketers who deliver are usually rewarded with increased revenue and stronger relationships. Datacard offers tools that make it easy and affordable to deliver one-to-one marketing messages and create customized products.


Reduce costs, adapt to new technologies and stay competitive in a rapidly expanding telecommunications market.

Flexible telecommunications card programs allow you to capitalize on new opportunities and accommodate emerging form factors and applications while minimizing cost-per-card. Whether you are starting a prepaid calling card program, or looking to improve issuance of SIM cards, Datacard has the solutions for you.


Create new value-added options for transit card holders and improve profitability.

Innovative parking and transit card personalization technologies are creating faster, more efficient methods for automated fare collection for transit. For example, contactless smart card technology not only speeds the passage of riders onto buses or rail transportation, it can be adapted for payment at parking lots or ramps, changeless parking meters, drive-through toll payments and much more. One card with multiple applications makes for exciting possibilities.

Datacard offers the systems, software and consultative services that help transit agencies capitalize on these new opportunities.